In May 2016, I traded Indiana cornfields for New York skyscrapers. In NYC, I was an assistant managing editor at Odyssey - you know, the company that coined the phrase "Dad-Bod." There, I oversaw 12 communities of 240 writers, total. Which meant, I edited 240+ articles, weekly.

On top of editing, I optimized each story for best SEO practices. I wrote the social data metadata for each post to seamlessly edge toward to top of a basic Google search and attract the right audience on social media. I practiced growth-hacking skills, which gave one of my communities the most page views out of the entire company (3.3 million page views, to be exact.)

Indiana University

The community at IU was made up of traditional and non-traditional students attending Indiana University. As their AME, I was able to stay informed on newsworthy information happening in my home state. I also was able to help grow the journalistic passion and practice in 26 students within the campus. 

Norwich University

As AME, I rose Norwich University to a team of 8 content creators to a team of 20 content writers and editors. Because of their hard work, Norwich University received over 3 million page views to their articles combined, making them the most viewed community with Odyssey.

Virginia Military Institute

The community at VMI was one I launched from scratch. Within three months, I established 12 writers and two editors. VMI was a strict, military college. The students wrote newsworthy articles derived from their political and military training. It was my responsibility to factcheck every article before publishing, in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

These are just three of the 12 communities I oversaw. If you would like to hear about others, reach out!